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Grief and the Holidays

The holidays can be a hard time for many of us, whether we’re actively grieving a recent loss or just missing a loved one. In recent years, it’s even more of a challenge. Here’s my three-question approach to make grief and the holidays just a bit less hard, so you can be present and show up the way you want for the holidays.

“I don’t want to move forward without them.”

There’s often a feeling of pain associated with the passage of time and the idea of leaving the loved ones we lost behind. In this video, I share The Dash Between, a concept that helps me cope with this painful feeling and notion of having to “move on” or leave our loved ones behind as we move forward with our own lives.


I’m Charlene

I help grieving people feeling burdened by responsibilities, resentments and regrets after the death of a loved one to feel lighter –– so you can live your own fullest life. 

After the sudden death of my mother Marilyn in 2013, I put my life, work and grief on hold as I struggled to deal with the estate, paperwork and belongings.

Healing took time — and it took help.

I’m a certified grief coach, with particular focus on tapping into creativity and narrative development for post-traumatic growth and meaning reconstruction.

As curator of The Grief Gallery, I present exhibitions internationally online and in-person about grief and loss, often featuring the belongings of people’s lost loved ones.

I’m the author of the forthcoming book Curating Grief: A Creative Guide to Choosing What to Keep After a Loved One Dies. 

A proud New Yorker, I split my time between NYC and Lisbon, Portugal, and travels frequently for work and leisure.

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