Grief Retreat in Lisbon

It’s time. Time for you to grieve. Time to mark a significant anniversary or milestone after the death of a loved one.

You deserve this 1:1 grief retreat in Lisbon, Portugal.


Hi! I’m Charlene, certified grief coach, curator and world traveller.

After my mother died in 2013, I leaned into my creative instincts to guide myself through grief. Now I help others who are grieving.

The 1:1 Grief Retreat in Lisbon is a beautiful day, just for you. Bring your grief. Pack your memories of your loved one(s). Bring the stories and objects that remind you of them.

The personalized schedule will include grief coaching, rituals, time for reflection, and lots of beautiful moments.

We’ll walk by the river, eat Portuguese pastries and enjoy the views while talking about your grief, the loss and your loved ones.

Why Lisbon?

100 Reasons … just some of them:

  • Because it’s beautiful!

  • Lots of international flights from US and UK

  • Two words: Sunshine + Sardines

 MY why? My move to Portugal from my hometown of NYC was part of my own grief journey. And I’d like you to experience the beauty of this place too.

Why a grief retreat?

Because getting away from your everyday life and usual routine and responsibilities can be the best way to have a breakthrough spiritally and emotionally.


Because after you lose a loved one, and have processed how they died and reflected on how they lived, it’s natural for us to reconsider, “How do I want to live?”


Grief Coaching


Struggling with hard choices after the death of a loved one? How do we decide what to keep, and what to let go of? I can help.


Facing a significant date? Whether it's a birthday, the anniversary of a death, or a major holiday, creating a memorial or commissioning artwork can be the best way to remember your person.


Want to feel less isolation and more connection during an upcoming holiday or special event? We'll work together to create a personalized plan for you, from navigating social gatherings to remembering your loved ones,  so you feel supported.

Or contact me at hello[at]

I get more aha's from you than my therapist!



It's felt like an impossible task to try to sort through my mom's belongings. I feel like I have a place to begin this process now and it doesn't feel so terrifying. Thank you.



I love this approach as a creative outlet for grief - I'm totally inspired.




I’m Charlene

I am a certified grief coach, curator, speaker, and the founder of The Grief Gallery. I help grieving people to feel lighter and less burdened by all the physical and emotional "stuff” after a loss, using the lens of curating.

After my mother died suddenly in 2013, I leaned into my creativity and instincts as a curator to guide myself through grief. I developed my Curating Grief coaching framework to help people process their grief in a creative, accessible way.

My certifications and ongoing training include Claire Bidwell Smith’s Grief and Loss program, Megan Devine’s Grief Care training through PESI, What’s Your Grief’s continuing education, and the Portland Institute of Grief and Loss programs in using art and meaning reconstruction in grief work.

I'm the author of the forthcoming book Curating Grief: A Creative Guide to Choosing What to Keep After a Loved One Dies. My podcast guest appearances include Grief Out Loud, the Feminist Wellness podcast, and the What Works podcast with Tara McMullin. A proud Chinese-American New Yorker (like my mom), I'm currently based in Lisbon, Portugal.

Get in touch hello [at]

Need help with grief? I can help.

Get in touch: Email hello [at]

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